Parting Prayers

Tibetan prayer flagsOnce a year, I have a psychic reading. As it would happen, Alice Springs has a psychic fair come to town annually –  and it’s here this weekend (the Moscow Circus is also in town – some cosmic synchronicity there!).

I went and was immediately drawn to one lady. She began to read for me then said: I can’t get anything from you, but what I am getting is that you should see Shaki (another reader), who does healing and NLP, over there.

She didn’t charge for the 10 minutes she’d spent with me. I went and sat and waited for Shaki, who was with another client.

The reading with Shaki was life changing.  I don’t believe in angels or guides. Nor do I accept the common cultural definitions of ‘psychic’. What I do KNOW, however, is that some people can read other people via subtle non-verbal cues.  They can reflect these back to you, and you gain insights that you wouldn’t have otherwise. That is what a reading does.

The biggest thing I took away was the need to give myself permission and to believe in myself.

To this end, here is my parting prayer (which needs to be in purple BOLD!):

I’m asking permission from myself to have my thesis 99% ready for submission by the time I leave Canberra.

I will only have the abstract, figures, bibliography to finish when I return home.

I believe that I can do this.

I am willing to let myself do whatever is necessary to do this.

I give myself permission to do whatever is necessary to do this.

It is ok to ask for help to do this.

As I need help to do this, so I am asking Guruji and the universe for the help I need to have my thesis 99% ready for submission by the time I leave Canberra.

Please hear my prayers.

Please help me, Guruji.



8 thoughts on “Parting Prayers

  1. If you believe in you
    then i believe that too
    with that much energy
    and prayers to your Guru
    it will get you through.

    (Sounds like Dr Seuss
    but it just came out that way)

  2. I have faith in you, you know. I’m sure you can and will. Still over here in the stands, cheering you on. And looking forward to that coffee when you’re in town x

  3. Basically, you’ve already completed the massive, complicated, and incredibly difficult task of writing a dissertation, not to mention the massive, complicated, and incredibly difficult series of tasks necessary to get to the dissertation stage. In other words, you’ve already gone over a lot of major hurdles that have been hard enough to cause a lot of very brilliant people to crap out. So, at this point, believing in yourself is considerably more than blind faith–you have a whole lot of solid evidence of how capable you are.

    Which is not to say there’s anything wrong with freaking out about the final stages of the process–it’s certainly what I was doing some years ago before finally getting that defense out of the way. But, it’ll be over soon…and then, time to celebrate….

  4. May your prayers be heard.
    I remember the stress before handing in the thesis, making sure it is all ok, and it never is really and it feels like it willl never be done. Unlike you, I didn’t have yoga practice at that time, so I am sure you will sail through this pretty smoothly.
    all the best
    may Ganesh remove all the remaining obstacles on your way to become Dr Anthro Yogini

  5. hang in there, girlfriend, I’m thinking about ya! pick up your blog award at LYJ when you have time!


    hope to see you next July!

  6. Hey everyone, thank you all for your support. I’ve got the blasted thing done, and now we (supervisor and I) are just ‘tweaking’ – that’s changing paragraphs and words here and there to firm up the argument.

    I’ve been really strict with myself and haven’t posted or really checked the blog very much, so I hope I haven’t offended anyone by being silent.

    Anyway, thanks again for all your good wishes.

    They must have worked!

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