Web Resources for Field Notes

Here’s a selection of websites that discuss how to write field notes:






 This list is not exhaustive, simply those websites I’ve found useful and sprinkled liberally with commonsense.


Field Notes: What, How & Why?

Nearly a month since my last entry. I’ve made a conscious decision not to post umitigated guff, but to post useful topics that might be of interest to/slightly useful to someone. Afterall, there is way too much unmitigated guff in blogland already.

A topic that’s been on my list of ‘blog posts to write’ has been field notes: what, how & why?  This has been prompted in part by a recent post on the Savage Minds blog http://savageminds.org/2007/08/13/whats-in-your-fieldwork-bag/  however, it’s also in my list of ‘blog topics for Radical anthro (I also have two other blogs that I write. Keeping lists is a must).

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