Beam Me Up Scotty!: AnthroYogini’s Ashtar Command Adventure

Yo ho ho and a bottle of … oops.




 I promised that I would unveil the backtracks in my spiritual catalogue. Given that today is Samhain (Halloween’s Celtic name, pronounced: sa- ween), and I’ve had a lot of fun making fruitcakes go soggy recently, it’s probably time to put the hard light on some New Age fluff. The Ashtar Command and the teachings of the Ascended Masters is the one I’ve chosen to start with.

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Oprah is the Anti-Christ (This Year)


 Revealed here and now, for all to hear – Oprah Winfrey is (dramatic sting) the anti-Christ.

It says so here: and here: (*I broke the links on purpose). I saw it on You Tube, too. Hmm… Must be true.

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Girl Culture 1: Celebrity + Marketing = Sweat Patch… Eww … Gross!

Back in the 80s when I was a teenager, the Year 10 Formal (US readers: think High School Prom) was a tiny blip on the radar. If you didn’t go, it didn’t really matter. Your reputation and entire future weren’t made suspect by the events of six hours.

I can’t even remember my Year 10 formal. I suspect I didn’t go.

True, most of us went to our Year 12 Formal, but by then most of us were 18, and we could drive and drink alcohol legally (but not at the same time!). We were worried about whether we’d passed the Higher School Certificate, our ticket to university. The Year 12 Formal was just an excuse to party with your mates after the intense pressure of the HSC.  It wasn’t vested with the same amount of angst, preparation or meaning that you find in today’s Year 12 Formals.

So what happened? What is the Formal phenomenon about? Why do girls -even tom boys- feel the need to participate in this culture rooted in surface deep appearances?

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Get Real or Why I’m Glad I Live in Heathen Australia

 One of my occasional pastimes involves laughing at the hilarious and downright evil rantings of fundamentalist Christians (no, I’m not giving fundamentalist a capital ‘F’ unless it’s ‘F’ for fuckwit).

 I don’t understand these people. The stuff they preach is medieval nonsense. It should be treated with the same contempt as those who channel Supreme Commander Votron of the Ashtar Command* or those loopy people who think crop circles have some spiritual message or think there’s some grand conspiracy of medical doctors and drug companies.  What’s that? There IS a conspiracy? Bugger!

*Ok, Votron is probably not the guy’s name, but you know what I mean.

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Practice Vs No Practice





One of the main messages I’m getting from the Advaita teachings (hang on, I’ll qualify that: apparently, most of the people I’ve been reading and listening too are considered neo-Advaitans), is that one can spontaneously awaken (obtain enlightenment, self-realise … whatever) without practice of any shape or form. So all the meditation, yoga, study, service, prayer etc that you might encounter on other paths is excess baggage; the products of seeking and ego.

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