Red Dirt Yoga

Having been sick with some kind of random influenza that made my eyeballs ache (as well as every other part of my body) for the past 10 days, I’ve spent a lot of time reading yoga blogs and looking at yoga websites.

It’s also been appallingly cold here in Alice Springs: 14 degrees Celsius maximum through the day (for those in the US, that’s 57F, which in Alice Springs, is termed ‘ f@%&ing freezing’). Which of course means I’ve spent even more time inside on the web, instead of sitting outside in sickness-induced contemplation of the endless blue sky.

 And I have some comments about one particular facet of yoga culture inspired by Other People’s Blogs: yoga snobbery.

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Is it just me or …?

 I really don’t understand why so many Yoga chicks are into Eat, Pray, LoveSurely, you’ve heard of it? Eat, Pray, Love is Elizabeth Gilbert’s book about eating her way through Italy, whinging … oops … I mean praying her way through a stay at an ashram in India and goofing off … errr… falling in love in Bali. Warning: rant follows.

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Amazing-ness and the Olympics

A couple of days ago, a colleague came up to me and told me in a very excited voice about the 41-year-old American woman who’s competing at the Beijing Olympics. “You should see her abs,” my colleague said. “They’re amazing. She’s got the most fantastic body … And she’s 41! And competing at an Olympic Games. That’s just amazing.”

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