Why Wasn’t My Comment Published?

If you haven’t read ‘About Me‘, then I suggest that you do before commenting.

You see, I have a particular mental illness.

As a result, I find it very, very difficult to cope when people write snarky or even what they believe are ‘constructive’ (but negative) comments. Yes, it’s pathological and I take medication for it.

I worry for days -even weeks- about these comments.

They make me lose sleep.

They stop me from eating.

Once I see them, I OBSESS about them, thinking over and over and over for days.

I become consumed, to the point where comments have contributed to at least one suicide attempt.

That’s right. YOUR comments affect me that much.

As I like blogging, and don’t want to NOT have people comment, I need to protect myself.

If you are going to post a negative comment -even something you might deem ‘constructive’, please email me first ESPECIALLY if it’s a correction to some linguistic fine point.

Isn’t it better to explain to me privately what I’ve got wrong, so I can then correct the error, rather than writing a long public rant and saying ‘it’s bringing down the quality of your blog’ (which is subjective anyway)?

If you don’t email me, I delete your comment. As I’ve said above, I need to protect myself. If this doesn’t sit well with you, then DO NOT LEAVE A COMMENT. Click away and read something else.


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