Wednesday Whiteboard #7

Dotpoint 1:  Update on the 30 Day Yoga Experiment

This is day 14 of the Do-Your-Own-Yoga-Everyday experiment. So far, I can report that I haven’t missed a single day. It hasn’t been all sun,surf, and asana, though. In fact, it’s been largely japa, pranayama and mindfulness meditation. It fits so seamlessly with my morning routine, I feel like I should just keep it going after the 30 days are over. So yes, in case you can’t tell, I’m pretty chuffed with myself.

Which of course requires the Mouth of Sauron grin:


Dotpoint 2: The PhD Thesis is Almost FINISHED.

Ten years. Three re-writes. A total change of theoretical framework AND fieldwork location. Lots of boredom … and I have a PhD thesis that is a whisker away from being done. I’m going to Canberra (Australia’s capital, about 3000km from where I live) to prepare my thesis for submission in late July. If you’ve been through the PhD process, you’ll understand why I’m feeling so happy. This requires an even BIGGER Mouth of Sauron grin:


(Needs a dentist!)

Dotpoint 3: Tom and Katie are moving to Australia. Close the borders! NOW!!


3 thoughts on “Wednesday Whiteboard #7

  1. Yay for being done!!! Congrats 🙂

    Also- I have never actually seen Sauron’s mouth in such a close up shot before. It made me laugh. Thanks!


  2. Point 1: Awesome
    Point 2: Fantastical relief!! And here’s hoping we can organise to meet up before you head back up north…
    Point 3: I’m calling the Navy right now!!

    P.S. Love the Sauron pic (as a fellow LOTR geek)
    P.P.S. Yay!!

  3. @Ecoyogini. Thanks for that. Glad you enjoyed the Mouth of Sauron! We replay him when we’re watching LOTR cos he’s such a freak and makes us laugh.

    I bet he has really BAD Mordor breath!

    @Svasti Oh yes, I am planning stopover in Melbourne on 21-22 Aug to see you & hopefully Nadine as well. Woo hoo! I can hardly believe thesis is almost done. I hate it so much at the moment #$$#$(!!! but that’s what a thesis does to you. Hate/love nothing in between.

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