Wednesday Whiteboard #6


Dotpoint 1: Vale Sri Pattabhi Jois. In case you’ve been under a rock or in remote Central Australia (hey… that’s where I live and I still heard it), Mr Jois passed away on Monday morning. Regardless of what you think of Ashtanga-style yoga, Mr Jois was a giant of the yoga world. I honour his life, his memory and the precious gift he gave to the world. Hari Om Tat Sat. Om Shanti.

Dotpoint 2: The Big Idea is flying. I can’t believe what’s happening with the creativity/life coaching/creative ethnography business idea that birthed only 2 weeks ago. It’s so exciting I can hardly sleep. Svasti is going to help me do some mean web design. YOU should hire her! It is a testament to getting your ideas out there into the world. They catch fire. They take off. Watch this space!

Dotpoint 3: A couple of great websites: The Anthroguys. Real anthropologists demonstrating the amazing possibilities of applied anthropological practice. Thanks to @Jammiegirl for this Tweet.

Lucky Balaraman’s inspirational mediation website: . Lucky has all kinds of great tips for establishing a meditation practice and using mediation to overcome problems. This latest post could be used as a teaching tool for yoga teachers explaining ‘the witness’ to students.

Dotpoint 4: I’m reading Abdi Assadi’s beautiful book, Shadows on the Path. If you’re interested in reading no-nonsense spirituality from a guy who’s been a drug addict, travelled the shaman’s path, been a yogi, a martial arts practitioner and everything in between, this book might be for you. If you like Adyashanti or Pema Chodron, then you will resonate with Abdi. Hear an amazing interview with him here. You can check out his book for purchase at

Om Shanti.


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Whiteboard #6

  1. Oh my, how very exciting!
    I don’t check past for just afew days and Everything Changes! It’s such a good idea, something I wish I had had access to a few years ago, when I was really stuck. Am not an arty farty type of person…

  2. Thanks, Nadine. I’m a bit blown away by it all – it’s just grown a life of its own. I’m trying not to prattle on about it too much yet, though.

    Yes, I just felt I’d like to change the look of the blog, so it took me a fw days (although I think Svasti was the only person who noticed) and I finally found something that I really liked.

    Everyone is creative and creativity can be used in every facet of your life -it’s how I achieved a First Class Honours and a PhD scholarship. So I’d love to share with people the amazing benefits that creativity can bring to life.

    At least, that’s my hope.

    And then… I’d also like to eradicate feral apostrophes. Like: Pizza’s.

    But that’s just a dream.

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