Wednesday Whiteboard #5


Dotpoint #1 Amanda, Where is the Old Blog?

There are some Big New Ideas happening for me. An exciting bend in the road for my life and it’s going to unfold right before your eyes. Which means that the blog will eventually have its own domain. So I thought I’d try a fresh new blog layout. I spent this afternoon (home from work as my son was sick) experimenting with WordPress themes.

The WordPress theme I really want to use is called Thesis. You can check it out here. I would dearly love to be able to use this theme here but doesn’t have that functionality – which is why I moved Desert Mandala (my family blog) to its own domain two years ago . As I’m not quite ready to launch the Big New Idea AnthroYogini is staying put for the time being.

Dotpoint #2 I met my brother’s birth mother.

Both my brother and I are adopted. I have been in touch with my birth mother for 11 years. Tonight, I met my brother’s birth mother. It was an amazing, beautiful experience.

As a mother, I can only imagine how hard it would be to give up a child –forever- with no hope of ever knowing that child’s fate. Nor can I imagine the shame and fear associated with being ‘a bad girl’ back in the 1960s.

I can tell you of the courage these women have, of the hope they held in their hearts for years, and of my own deep compassion and love for those who have relinquished babies and thereafter, could never bring themselves to have another child.

Tonight, I felt as though I had gained yet more very special family. I am truly blessed.

Dotpoint #3 What’s this Big Idea You Keep Referring to?

By the end of 2012, I am aiming to be largely self-employed in a consultancy/ coaching business focussed on:

  • Creativity for non-arty-farty people
  • Using creativity to overcome depression/other life challenges
  • Creative ethnography for life coaching and counselling
  • Creative ethnography to understand clientele, organisational culture, to monitor & evaluate

You can help me!

I’m inviting anyone reading this to:

  • comment on the ideas
  • post links or suggest books that might be helpful
  • complete an anonymous survey early next week

I would be forever grateful if you, dear reader, did any of these things. I’ll post the link for the survey early next week.


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Whiteboard #5

  1. Its exciting that you’ve reached the point you’re ready to talk about your big idea like this! If there’s any way I can help, you know I’m good with that.

    As you know, my mother was one of those women, considered a ‘bad girl’ and forced to give up her child. Its such a complex issue, and you’re fortunate that you’ve had some good experiences, although I’m sure they’re not all good! My half-brother was around in my family for a number of years, from the time I was about twenty and the last time he and mum talked was maybe ten years ago. I’m not sure now.

    That you’ve been able to connect with your brother’s mum, who was clearly in a similar situation to your own birth mum, is wonderful.

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