Into the Desert

You might have gathered that I have been extremely busy for the past three weeks. At work, at home,  even in my sleep.

My work has been crazy-busy, so busy I am not even going to attempt to explain it, and now I have run right up against my holiday (vacation).

In fact, I started my annual leave yesterday, but today (Saturday) I spent 3 hours in the office without interruptions and was able to finish something which should have been finished 3 weeks ago. Tomorrow, I’ll be going back to finish off more work which I simply haven’t been able to get near for nearly two months.

On Monday then, we head off into the desert for three weeks. Whilst I was intending to schedule some posts when I was away (both here and on my other blog) I’ve been so busy this hasn’t eventuated.

The desert? The Simpson Desert, the Oodnadatta Track and various other places. Place so remote, there’s no electricity. No internet and definitely NO mobile (cell) phone reception. We are meeting up with my brother and his family at Maree. (Please check out the links). Then we will be driving north and camping out under the stars along the Oodnadatta Track, up to Dalhousie Springs, up through the Simpson Desert and eventually back into Alice Springs.

This trip has been over a year in the planning, and we are all so excited to start our fabulous journey… and to have a rest and recharge out bush away from everything. Thus, if you’re waiting to hear from me, see a reply to a comment or email or wonder when and IF I’ll be writing again…

…I’ll be back in three weeks.



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