Tales From the Field

In the last few weeks we’ve had more than our entire year’s rainfall. The country is  striking – almost like a slap in the face as you travel through green, green grass, violet blue sky…

…and burnt red earth.

I drove down into the top of South Australia and saw the Hugh River flowing like I’ve rarely seen it flow before. The birds were incredible, budgies and cockatiels, and Songlarks and Crested Bellbirds and of course, Honeyeaters:

…And the road and sacred sites

… the reasons I was let loose on the world.


8 thoughts on “Tales From the Field

  1. Awesome! Thanks for sharing your photos. Apparently Melbourne had a tonne of rain this weekend just gone but I was out of town where the rains fell, but much more gently 🙂

  2. love the polaroids! I’m in Tucson, AZ currently and we’ve had a VERY rainy winter…. the desert is so stunning (& smells so nice) after the rain.

  3. Hey, I’m volunteering for the united nations development program. Since your blog focuses on social development, we need your help! We are hoping that you can post up your comments/view on the upcoming summit by the united nations called IBSA(India-Brazil-South Africa) summit on 15th april 2010. Do you think they are capable enough to reduce social problems in their respective society and will it benefit the country? Also, on the importance of cash transfer, health programs, excess to essential drugs and employment programs/policies. will it benefit them? Since you’re a blogger about the environment, you can describe your opinion on how this can benefit and sustain the environment through this. If you write this article, it will be featured in the united nations upcoming academic hot site forum with other bloggers. If youre interested in doing this please email me, karekhaa.nair@gmail.com Thank you.
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    • Hi there,

      Whilst I’m flattered that you’ve asked me, I about to go on leave and will be away until 16th April in a place where there is no internet, no phone contact, no electricity and very little water. So, I will have to decline. Thanks for the comment.

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