The Yoga of Priorities

This week, I’ve had a few too many late nights and way too much time spent in front of a computer screen. After saving iTunes yesterday, setting up the new website over the weekend and beginning to dip my toes into the world of Photoshop, I’m feeling a bit tired.

And I’m feeling a little guilty. I started off with good intentions, I’ve gone back to the gym two days this week, did a hard interval running session on Sunday morning, lots of yoga and was intending to continue working on my distance runs (I’m back to 5km now). But the late nights and computer screen have taken their toll.

 Thus, this public announcement: do the run, do the class, get the reward.  This means: this afternoon, 5km run. At 6pm, Pump. At 7:30pm, visit my Amazon wishlist for a reward.

 Do you think it will work? I need a virtual cheering squad – can you help? 


3 thoughts on “The Yoga of Priorities

  1. haha… public shame will do it to me every time ! : )

    I hate when I get stuck in a cycle like that. It’s funny I feel like just came out of a yoga rut. I wasn’t feeling as dedicated to my practice for a few weeks. I overall just wasn’t being good to my body and making excuses for skipping class. I was def. lacking in the discipline dept. I usually associate discipline with doing the things that I would feel ‘guilty’ about if I didn’t do them…and less with the things I know I should do to be happy and well. After that yucky down-cycle… I’m thinking more of discipline as planning so I can fit all of my major priorities in to the best of my ability. So now it’s better. I’m also realizing the sacrifice that I made to my body (which I don’t plan on doing very often)… caused me to get some things done professionally that should be good for me in other ways.

    Goooo Amanda!!!!!

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