Update on Desert Book Chick

Books, reading and blogging about both topics has become quite a passion. It’s bliss to read as much and whatever I like after the PhD.

Some of you might have noticed the ‘Desert Book Chick‘ page at the top of the blog.

Well, I’m pleased to announce that my obsession passion for books and reading has a new home: its very own website.

It’s not ‘officially’ ready yet. I’m still tweaking the design and I need to go out and snap the photo header I can see in my mind’s eye. However, as I’m a little too excited about the new site (and I’ve been working on it all weekend!), I thought I’d share the news and the link now.

Perhaps I’ll have a little local soiree at Olive Pink Botanical Garden on Sunday afternoon to celebrate. So if you know where that is, and you’re able to get there…. 2pm Sunday afternoon.


4 thoughts on “Update on Desert Book Chick

  1. You and your two blogs, when are you gonna start a third? šŸ˜‰

    It’s looking good and I say go for it! I don’t read anywhere near as much as you do. Especially fiction. But I’m sure if I keep reading your reviews, I’ll find a few gems to consider!

  2. @Svasti Hmmm… not sure about a third blog. I think I’ve got enough and even then I suspect two might be too many?!?

    I’m going to start on the header tonight -after I fix up my iTunes disaster!

    So glad you enjoyed Mark Whitwell

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