Ke Bali Lalu Lombok…

Kemarin kami akan ke Bali…

Tomorrow, Mr Anthroyogini and I are going to Bali and then to Lombok (Indonesia) for a few weeks. We go to Bali nearly every year, and always start off in our usual place, Ubud. This year, I’m meeting up with a good friend in Ubud and we’re all going to go up to Pemuteran on the far north-west of Bali (you can see Java very clearly), to go diving for a few days.

After this, we go via bemo and boat to Lombok for more chilling, exploring, and diving.

Both of us need this holiday. In fact, I was in dire need of a holiday about 8 weeks ago, and suffered the consequences.

Amusingly, I went to the hairdresser this morning and she was asking about the holiday… she had  no idea that Bali was in Indonesia. She also had no idea where Malaysia or Singapore were.  Hmmm… Had to bite my tongue. As I was paying the mortgage on my hair on the way out, the owner of the salon said: “…ohh, I’d never go over there with all the civil unrest. The government’s not stable …. blah blah blah…”. She then went on to tell me that she was going on a cruise in March … to Fiji!!

Again, I just had to bite my tongue.

Anyway, Sampai jumpa! Bali, kemarin kami datang kesini!


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