How to Start Running and Love it as Much as Yoga, Sex or Chocolate

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3 thoughts on “How to Start Running and Love it as Much as Yoga, Sex or Chocolate

  1. yep, Andrew (my fiance) went from a sometimes yogi (cuz I made him) to running a 10k in October… He did the couch to 5k and LOVED it…

    However, because he wasn’t sure he’d like running, he bought cheap runners… and got shin splints. A new pair of more expensive, but fitted, running shoes and he’s been fine since. He also uses the ipod nike plus attachment- so he can map how much he’s ran etc etc.

    Now that it’s snowing here, he’s switched to the gym, (he said he hated running on a treadmill), but cannot WAIT for spring. 🙂

    ALSO- we came up with a nice 20 minute post-running yoga which he practiced consistently after each run.

    I’m glad that running has begun again for you! Have you tried the Nike Plus?

  2. This is excellent advice. My wife Jane is the kind of runner that runs outside in the middle of Wisconsin winters and loves it. So I understand the joy people get out of it, and she would agree with all you’ve written here.

    As for me, except for one year running cross-country in high school, I have never been attracted to endurance sports. For me there has to be a game to keep my interest. I play tennis four times a week now. In the past I did basketball and sailboard racing.

    The only exception is that I was an avid cross-country skier back in the early 80’s when there was still reliable snow in Wisconsin. I guess it was an exception because I loved the meditation of it–gliding for hours through the woods.

    Bob Weisenberg

  3. Hello! I loved reading this article and your website in general – as an exercise geek and lover of hiking, yoga, movement and life in general I felt so at home and inspired with your writiing!
    I’d love to know which stretches you do for your cool down as per ” I always perform gastrocnemius, soleus, quadriceps, hip flexor, hamstring and gluteal stretches after my runs. Email me if you want details of these stretches.” I couldn’t find your email address on the site, hence my reply here!
    I hope you’re having a marvellous start to 2011.

    with sunshine, Natasha

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