Yummy Yoga Music

I used to be a sworn traditionalist, not using any music during asana practice. Having done the majority of my yoga in Iyengar classes and more recently, Satyananda, I thought that using music in yoga classes was a recent and somewhat inauthentic invention.

In returning to asana practice during the past month, I’ve started to use music. For the past month, I’ve used music for both vinyasa and yin/restorative sessions, and I have to admit … I love it! I was inspired by Nadine and Marilyn (Yogaway), who always use music in their classes. I thought I might share some of the albums I’ve been using:

DJ Drez: Jahta Beat and Jahta Beat – The Progression

I found Jahta Beat via the Yoga Glo website. I immediately loved it and downloaded it from ITunes. DJ Drez is an American ‘underground’ artist who mixes hip hop with jazz, blues and world music. The result is hypnotic, chilled with a good dose of spice. It’s definitely not wallpaper-type background music. DJ Drez is great for vinyasa sessions. DJ Drez’s website is here. He’ got a NEW album coming out soon.

Sacred Earth: Bhakti

Sacred Earth is the musical creation of Australian couple, Prem Aliyah & Jethro Williams. They use keyboards, infused with divine female vocals, singing mantra and songs of devotion. Supported by Bansuri flutes from India, shakohatchi, Irish whistle, something ethnic rhythms & acoustic guitar. Jethro & Prem Aliyah have embodied their experience as Yoga Practitioners and Teachers, Musicians, Parents and Lovers to bring into creation, Sacred Earth. An uplifting and spiritually inspiring performance touching the heart and soul. Bhakti is perfect for yin/restorative classes, or just for harmonising your room, mind or office. You can buy Bhakti here.

Soul Food: Yoga Groove

Yoga Groove was the very first album I used for asana practice and it remains my favourite. Some people might find it a bit Buddha Bar or lounge-y, but I find it a bit more upbeat and energising. It’s got a variety of moods suitable for vinyasa, static poses and even shavasana. It has a mixture of chill, downtempo and world beats, so you’re bound to find something you like. I love it. If I can’t figure out what to put on for asana practice, I’ll always choose this. You can read more about the Soul Food project here.

Of course, this is only a tiny selection of an ever-expanding collection of chill, down tempo and world music that I use for yoga. If you’ve got any faves, please leave a comment below and share them with us all.



7 thoughts on “Yummy Yoga Music

  1. Been meaning to get me some Sacred Earth for a while. Thanks for the prompt and for the other ideas.

    I’m still a little anti-music for my own practice, but I’m coming around to the idea that it’s probably a good thing for teaching classes. Not everybody wants to focus so closely on their own breathing… some like the distraction (which also works as a focus, kinda like watching TV while doing your homework) of it, too.

    Hope you are doing better xo

  2. ouuu… i like all those! and the first few remind me so much of yogaglo!! (don’t you love it?).

    I think music is a great option, and like all practice, some days it’s wonderful and some days i prefer simply the sound of my own breath.

    change and growth is so important- i think it’s wonderful that you’re exploring new practices 🙂 thank you for the great suggestions!

  3. @sfauthor Yes, I have downloaded those books Thanks for visiting the blog.

    @Brooks – I’m glad you like Jahta Beat and Sacred Earth. I almost was able to see Sacred earth perform in Byron Bay (Australia) in 2008. Missed them by a few days.

    @Svasti & Ecoyogini – yes, I agree. There are times when you don’t want music. I am surprised that I am enjoying music during practice so much after all these years of Iyengar. Better not tell my teacher!

    @general fuzz: thank you for that info. I will give it a listen.

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