Vairagya: Some Lessons


The point of spiritual development is not to work on YOUR STUFF.  That just happens as a side effect. The real point of spiritual development is to deal things as they arise … Ken McLeod

I wasn’t going to write another post before I left for Canberra (next Monday), but here I am, reflecting on non-attachment…

You see, in the past week two people whom I admired, to whom I had attached the label of bodacious-uber-successful yogi-goddess-Oh-I-wish-I-could-be-half-as-yogic-as-you have detached themselves from my semi-adhesive label.

I will point out that these people are NO ONE who reads or visits my blog (at least that I’m aware of).

I’m big enough to admit that the labelling of these people as bodacious-uber-successful yogi … I can’t be stuffed typing all that again is my fault. My thing.

But it’s just well…

What is the point of doing spiritual work, yoga, meditation, watching your thoughts in the now if you get pissed off majorly everytime your phone rings and react like Charles Manson on testosterone you can’t sweat the small stuff?

This realisation (twice in one week, like I was being slapped around the head with a wet fish to make sure I GOT the message) really made me sit up and think:  OK… So neither of you are enlightened beings. And one of you is a plain old SNOB. But it’s my problem that I’ve put you up on this pedestal, simply because you’re umm… self-labelled teachers. And well-known.

So I’ve dropped it.

And that was the message. My maha-sankalpa like a large wet salmon on my head from on high.

Non-attachment. वैराग्य. My next and last tattoo.


3 thoughts on “Vairagya: Some Lessons

  1. Bless you, you are funny!
    Life does that. Especially when we think the yoga teachers are special. They (we) so aren’t.
    I like the ones who are openly human, vulnerably so. Like Whitwell. Like my teachr Ann. Who never, never let me put her on a pedestal.

    I have tattoos on my feet coming this week, woo hoo!
    So you are definitely stopping at two?

  2. @Nadine – yes, I’m stopping at two. I don’t have any great yearning for anything else. Hey I’m in Melbourne on Aug 21- 22 (flying out 1pm on Sat 22) – if you want to catch up for a cuppa.

    @I need to stop it, too. I’m hopelessly disappointed with one of these people, getting upset at her phone like that.

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