Wednesday Whiteboard #8


Dotpoint 1: Raw Food Freaks. Yes, I know raw food is good for me. That’s why I eat heaps of it. But I am absolutely, utterly, totally OVER people in the self-help community shoving raw food down my throat. (That’s a pun. Svasti & Gary note: I made a pun!).  I have a message for all those raw food evangelists whose newsletters I subscribed to not for the purpose of hearing raw food sermons: You’re into raw food. Great. Now shut the f*ck up about it.

Dotpoint 2: Not in the USA? Then you don’t exist. Some* people are insular. Some Americans are insular, too. Note that I said SOME. Not all.  I know you guys are NOT all insular and I’m not judging everyone by the following example. Most Americans I meet are warm and friendly – especially online.

But here’s a real life example of someone who claims to be open and non-insular … and isn’t.

An inspiring ‘soul’ coach living in the US was offering a retreat/teleclass (at a price, too) I thought I’d like to take. Unfortunately, it was on at 2am, Central Australian time. So I emailed her, saying I’d like to do the teleclass, and asking if there was any chance of her running another for those of us who live outside the US, at a more friendly time. Her reply: I have other plenty of other international people joining me for this class. If there’s a will, there’s a way. Well, sorry Ms Summerhawk. There is a whole world of people who don’t live in the US and don’t want to get up at 2am on a Friday morning. But then, I guess you don’t really need to expand your seven-figure income any more. My response: Unsubscribe. FAIL.

Dotpoint 3: Super-yummy Aussie creative maven websites:

Meet Me at Mikes is the scrumptious blog of Melbourne creatif, Pip Lincolne. Pip also has a real live shop at 63 Brunswick St, Fitzroy (Melbourne, Australia). Pip’s website is overflowing with recipes, crafty doo-dads, and her inspirational ‘Words & Pictures’ contributory blog-in. You need to see Words & Pictures to understand exactly what I mean – it’s an absolutely fab idea.

Goddess Leonie Leonie’s site is a delight to look at. I’m a sucker for bright, warm, rainbow colours and that’s what you’ll find here. Kind of like SARK’s but oh-so-less commercial. Goddess Leonie’s website is all about bringing out the creative goddess in YOU. She runs e-courses, coaching, tarot readings, goddess drawings, and is doing a clutter-busting course very, very soon! Don’t just read my boring old words. Get over and check out Leonie’s amazing stuff! Leonie was also interviewed by that creatif maven and Hip Tranquil Chick, Kimberly Wilson recently. You can download the podcast to listen to here.

Dotpoint 4: I love, love, LURVE my Slow Cooker. For Mother’s Day, I got a slow cooker. Last week, we roasted a piece of corned camel in it (yes, you read right: camel). Tonight, we had the most divine beef curry. I prepared it in my lunch hour (one of the benefits of living in Alice Springs is that you can go home for lunch!), put it on and when we were ready for dinner tonight, yum yum in our tum tums! Slooow cooking is marvellous. I’m going to try out Anne-Marie’s curry recipe for the *Bogan party down at King’s Canyon on Saturday night.

*Bogan – An Australian and New Zealand term for trailer trash. Also called ‘Westies’ in Sydney and Melbourne.  Check out the Wikipedia definition for more info here.


4 thoughts on “Wednesday Whiteboard #8

  1. Amanda, PLEASE don’t judge ALL Americans by the actions of one ego-driven “soul coach” (and the phrase makes me vomit.) Hey, you know me and I’m the bomb! 🙂

    Besides….I may be coming to OZ next summer (your winter) to do a workshop and/or retreat. yin + yang + meditation + buddhadharma. Details to follow! Or come to Arusha, Tanzania next year for my yoga retreat!

    Either way, we’ll meet, girlfriend!

    • Linda – no, I won’t. This person is clearly an arrogant airhead.

      I know lots of wonderful Americans – and you’re one. And I’ve met so many online who are fantastic. I’m just talking about those people who can’t see over their backfence – and there’s plenty of Australians who do, too.

      You’re coming to Australia! Then I will have to get you up here. Oh! That’s so exciting, Linda.

      And isn’t Mark Whitwell just awesome. The real deal.

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