Birthday Tattoo

It had to be something meaningful to me…


Wow! This photo makes me look curvaceous. Unfortunately, I am nowhere near curvy!

I wasn’t going to jump on the tattoo bandwagon that started ten or so years ago, when Madonna and Angelina Jolie and Sporty Spice and every second teenage girl and middleclass mum was getting a tattoo to show how hip, cool and alternative they were…


That’s more like my uncurvy shape.

I waited until I turned 42. My non-tattooed darling bought it for me for my birthday. I was afraid he wouldn’t approve, but he did and he likes it.


Gary came and held my hand… but it hurt about as much as I expected it would. Like a Chinese burn, really.


My dedication to exploring a non-dual, Buddhist yoga, inscribed upon the aging, ever-changing vehicle of the body, something that is not me, not mine, which has and will continue to grow older and eventually, will die.


This is my dedication:

I was given depression that I may understand

I was stripped of everything that I may learn non-attachment and contentment

I made the darkest choices of all, that I may understand those choices

May my life be of benefit to others,

May my service be of benefit to others,

May I come closer to non-attachment and  contentment through the Eightfold Paths I have been shown

This is the dedication of the symbol, I carry with me always and forever.

Om shanti, shanti, shanti.

Hari Om. Tat sat.


5 thoughts on “Birthday Tattoo

  1. woo-hoo! you go, girlfriend! my latest one is only two weeks old…..I have OM MANI PADME HUM in Tibetan scrolling around my right arm leading to a lotus on my inner wrist — which hurt like a M-F’er!

  2. @Svasti – yes, I have read your post and really enjoyed it. I like the tattoo, as well. I’m glad you didn’t get a lion tattoo.

    @ Linda… a colleague who’d had her wrist tattooed told me a similar story. Given the wise counsel of yourself and others, I won’t be getting a tattoo on my wrist or on my breast as someone else I know has done! A former colleague has a huge dragon on her boob and loved flashing it to all and sundry. Which is absolutely feral and disgusting when it’s at work. Too much information!

  3. Amanda, that is beautiful. I love it. A Chinese burn is a good way to describe the pain, but I find the pain of tattooing is … what’s the right word? Cleansing. It’s almost like a form of meditation. And of course the pain is different in different parts of the body. [I have tattoos on my hands. That pain was almost more than I could bear.]

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