Things to do with Old Yoga Magazines


I subscribe to one Yoga magazine, regularly buy another and occasionally buy two others. After about 5 years of earnest collecting, that adds up to quite a pile of yoga mags. All cluttering up my lounge room … Gathering dust.

I’m doing one of my half-yearly de-clutters. This coincides with us selling the megalith that was our entertainment unit, and buying a relatively inexpensive IKEA piece. The megalith was so big that we had to take it completely into pieces to get it out the door! And it was fugly. Very fugly.


So now, we have this rather Zen-like lounge space that is just so gorgeous to be in, and a pile of cluttering magazines. So I did something about it. Here are some ideas for keeping the best of your expansive collection of Yoga magazines whilst de-cluttering your living space:

1.       I keep a day book (it’s just a lined note book) in which I write ideas and journal entries, so I cut out inspirational pictures and quotes and stuck them in

2.       Some of the articles are a useful resource for teaching -but not everything in a magazine is useful. I cut out those that were and put them in a folder.

3.       Recipes. Yoga magazines often have yummy recipes (like the one I found in Fit Yoga years ago for Yogi Chai). I cut these out and glued them into my personal recipe book.


And Now, a Short Break in Transmission.

I am off on a bush trip for the next eight days, so I won’t be posting until sometime after the 23rd March. If you’re into Google maps, look up Lajamanu, Dagaragu and Inverary Station and you’ll see where I’m going to be for the next week or so. This time, I’m accompanying a new staff member on her first field trip, which is to complete sacred site clearances in two communities, so that some of the NT Intervention money can finally be turned into new houses. The other job is -you guessed it- yet more uranium exploration.

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll have some interesting stories and photos to post when I return. I might even get Yasmin to take photos of me practicing yoga out bush!

Until then,



5 thoughts on “Things to do with Old Yoga Magazines

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  3. I am also sadly addicted to yoga magazines- this month I totally resisted buying one! (YAY) and over the past several months have tried to limit my spending to one magazine (the best after perusing them all) a month.

    I love the idea of having a yoga note book- I put my favourite sequences, poses, ideas, articles in plastic protectors and I have a yoga binder. Unfortunately this uses a lot of plastic coverings- I wonder if a pretty 100% recycled notebook (ecojot or something?) would be more enviro-friendly? This post got me re-thinking my magazine practice for sure.

    I also give old’ish magazines to local salons or spas (like Aveda-concept spa).

    My favourite thing- I have a clear cheap glass frame that I switch up inspirational or just pretty pictures: instead art 🙂 (for the creatively challenged haha).

    Your blog is super interesting! I’m glad I found it 🙂


  4. I tend to find that yoga magazines are kind of like biking magazines and hiking magazines and most other kinds of magazines: their primary message is that yoga/biking/hiking/other is about buying expensive products–which, considering that advertising is the lifeblood of magazines, that’s not surprising. Not to say that there isn’t usually some (or even a lot of) good stuff mixed in with the product placement, but it’s a bit depressing nonetheless….

    Enjoy your trip!

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