After Release, Opening


I had a text message from the gym on Monday. It was a continuation of the ongoing yoga-at-the-gym saga (see this post for the full story). The text message went like this:

Hi Amanda, I’ve spoken to XX about yoga on Thursday night and it’s ok to go ahead. We just need to check on the availability of the room, whether it’s going to be ready, and whether the noise levels from the stadium (a basketball stadium) will interfere with the yoga class. When would you like to start? Please let us know…

So you tell me. Is it no or yes? They want me to teach, but they don’t know if the room -the room in the centre they manage- is available?  Confused? I know I am.

But it’s all too little, too late. There is nothing that will convince me that they are committed to yoga.

And now for the exciting news…

The new yoga studio is almost ready and I’ve been invited me to teach as many classes as I feel comfortable teaching. I went and looked at the studio yesterday – it’s wonderful and it’s not even finished. The ‘feel’ of the room is right. There’s off-street parking, a wood heater for winter, an air conditioner for summer, a fresh, clean bathroom and change room, an office, storage space for props, and soon … a mandala garden.

The studio’s building and land are owned by the lady (Marilyn) who’s asked me to join her in this venture (along with her husband). Marilyn has spent a year planning this, and writing a business plan which has now been supported by the two Yoga lineages in which she’s trained (Gita Yoga and Swami Sarasvati’s lineage).

We spent several hours yesterday discussing the business plan, fees, timetable, philosophy etc. At this stage, I’ve decided to teach on Thursday nights and a restorative/Yin class on Friday at 5.30pm. I’m considering the Saturday morning option. Once a month, we are going to hold a community class which will be donation only -with all the proceeds going to a charity, such as the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

In fact, I’ve been made to feel like I’m a partner in the business. My classes and profile will be up on the website (I’ll post the link when it’s up), we’ll be advertising together, writing a newsletter together. I suddenly feel like I’ve gone into business again (I guess I have in a very small way) and the creativity is a-flowing. My muse is pumped up and musing!

An offshoot of this is that I am now ready to develop a statement of my own teaching philosophy (which I will give to students and put up in the studio), a business & marketing plan, and to implement a record keeping system. Although yoga is not (and possibly never will be) my main form of income, an important part of making a commitment to yoga and my community is to put out there (‘there’ meaning, if nothing else, setting straight in my own mind) what it is I am doing and how I am going to do it. And of course, with this process I will define the goal (I now detest the word ‘vision’ and loathe buzzwords like ‘outcome’) that I am aiming for.

Even by my standards, this has been a remarkable journey. Three months ago I was questioning the reason why I was bothering to undertake yoga teacher training (just to get my official registration so I can get insurance). For several weeks, I withdrew from yoga altogether. Now I am undertaking something new and exciting that completely feels right for me – effortless and flowing.

The lesson has been wholly about attachment. Releasing attachment is my sankalpa.  A maha sankalpa for life.


5 thoughts on “After Release, Opening

  1. Yay for you!! Seems like, despite that teacher training looking like it wasn’t what you wanted, instead… what it showed you is what you don’t and do want. What yoga really means to you.

    And if that required you to withdraw from yoga for a few weeks, then it was worth it. Often, the way to truly understand where we’re at is to step away and come back, right?

    Now, look at you! Completely following a path that’s right for you. And in a position to say no (again) to those who just don’t get it.

    I’m so thrilled for you! If I was having coffee with you right now, I’d give you a big hug (‘cept for the bike stack that’s left me feeling sore all over, with a strained shoulder, but nothing broken. So it might be a gentle hug with lots of feeling!) 🙂

  2. @ Linda, I’d love to! How do we make this happen? Maybe we could enlist some help in Melbourne and Sydney and you could do a few workshops so you’re not jsut coming out for one little town in the middle of the whole continent.

    @Svasti, thank you so much! I haven’t been around much lately and I still have two weeks of super-busyness to get thru, but I’ll be in touch.

    @Nadine, thanks so much. And I would love to come to your workshop – please have one again when it’s not school hols so I can get a cheap Tiger flight to Melbourne 🙂 – June would be great. Then I can catch up with Svasti, too.

  3. Amanda, this is awesome news. Congratulations! I guess it was just what you needed to get the yoga muse up and running again. When I finally make it to Alice Springs … I’ll definitely come to one of your classes.

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