Why am I Blogging About Yoga?


I’m feeling more than a little disillusioned with blogging. Especially blogging about yoga and related subjects.
There’s some angsty-antsy stuff out there in the blogging world at the moment.

Reading and replying opens one up for hurt or invites the uninvited in many forms.

I am thinking about taking the blog down and returning to nothing.

I don’t really think it’s contributing to anything in any meaningful way. I wonder if my blog is in some way part of the competition on the mat in some places, far removed from the mat? Or some desperate plea from my ego to be recognised, popular and liked?

So I will retire to silence for the time being. This moment is perfect and there is nothing else needed here.


4 thoughts on “Why am I Blogging About Yoga?

  1. I for one, hope you don’t stop blogging.

    Just… don’t feel the need to post unless you need to. But please leave your blog up and post as and when.

    You’re a great writer and I really enjoy what you have to say!


  2. I also hope you do not stop blogging! if nothing else, blogging helps us “meet” like-minded people even if we never meet in “real” life.

    If I don’t feel like writing, I don’t write. I only blog when I think I have something to say. take a break and regroup!


  3. I’m with those three…though, judging by the posts above this one, you had a change of heart…maybe…I haven’t read those yet….

    Anyway, I enjoy your blog, even if I’m wandering in having not visited in a while…I’m like that with everybody’s blogs…maybe it’s just that I like big portions…that’s why I like diner-type places and buffets as opposed to those tapas joints where you can spend your next egg & still leave hungry…so, anyway, I’m gonna catch up….

    As for angsty-antsy stuff, seems to me it’s always there, in the blog world and the non-blog world…and, actually, I’m surprised I haven’t gotten more of it at mine…maybe people figure I’m too out-there to argue with….

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