AnthroYogini: Addicted to Downloads

gary-photoI love podcasts, audiobooks and world music. I could not survive the long drives and bushwork I do without something. Ok, I do frequently drop off into a meditative state whilst I’m driving along, but more often than not, I’ve got something on my MP3, usually an audiobook, as I’m going along.  Currently, I’m listening to Bill Bryson’s Notes From a Big Country.

I guess I should state here: I AM NOT AN IPOD FAN. Unless they change those stupid wheels and crappy displays, I will never be converted from my Sony Walkman MP3. (Before you have a go at me, you try changing tracks on an Ipod when you’re bumping along a 4WD track in a Troop Carrier and you’ll understand why I HATE these overrated things!). The Sony has a very bright screen (you need one in sunny Central Australia) and buttons (instead of a stupid wheel) to select songs. Easy peezy when you’re lumbering in low range and trying to negotiate the steep bank of a dry creek, and wondering if you’re going to need a trip to the chiropractor!  

Anyway, the limitation of the Sony is that it won’t play stuff from ITunes, because the files are DRM protected. Yes, I know this can be overcome with something like SoundTaxi, but it’s a pain. So last weekend when I was preparing the Sony for the trip, and downloading podcasts, I noticed that one of my fave podcasts ( has lists of places where you can purchase music online which is not DRM protected.

The drawback is that many of these places are only available to US residents. However, I found one  that is open to everyone. And it has the most amazing selection of world music, Indian ragas, bhajans, Sufi music, gypsy music etc and also audiobooks – minus the pesky DRM.

The downside is, I have been so enthusiastic about this service that I’ve now downloaded not only my free trial tracks, but also my next month’s allowance (50 tracks) in a few hours.

Oh well…


3 thoughts on “AnthroYogini: Addicted to Downloads

  1. You’re better off not downloading anything from i-tunes. I was stunned to find, when I got a new computer last spring, that I’d only be able to transfer the songs I’ve bought from i-tunes a couple more times. Considering how poorly computers are made these days–I’d replace this piece of crap, my new laptop, that is, right now if I had the disposable income–that means I’ll have to re-buy them every couple years…argh….

  2. I luurrve my ipod! Can’t live without it. Mostly because it contains many of my yoga lectures as well as my favorite music. The other thing I can’t live without is my external hard drive to hold all of my music and lectures? Why? To make it easy to transfer between machines ofcourse.

    And Dr Jay is right – I don’t buy music through itunes or any other system that wants to restrict what I can do with my purchase.

    I still like to buy alot of my music the old fashioned way… and/or whatever I get off friends. 🙂

    Thanks for the tip on the DRM free site though!

  3. I know that a comment on your post is a long time coming.

    Thanks for your blog post and for sharing Lifestyle Chill with your readers. I’m thrilled that you love the show and hope that you’ll keep listening. We’re doing some work on the whole of the Lifestyle PodNetwork site right now, but we will be back with more episodes soon. If you like Lifestyle Chill you might also like Lifestyle Jazz which has the Jazz twist on the Chill bent!

    Thanks again for listening – take care!

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