Oprah is the Anti-Christ (This Year)


 Revealed here and now, for all to hear – Oprah Winfrey is (dramatic sting) the anti-Christ.

It says so here: http://unamsanctamcatholicam.blogspot.com/2008/03/oprah-winfrey-is-antichrist.html and here:  http://www.jesus-is-savior.com/Wolves/oprah-exposed.htm (*I broke the links on purpose). I saw it on You Tube, too. Hmm… Must be true.

Never mind the Pope, Hitler, Stalin, rock music, Osama bin Laden, Bill Gates or Charles Darwin … nah … it’s daytime talk queen, Oprah Winfrey… oh, and possibly Eckhart Tolle.

They’re plain EVIL, you know. Making people buy books and magazines and watch TV (yeah ok, I hate most TV, so I won’t disagree). Making people think about just accepting what’s happening now . Oh yeah, and horror of horrors, Oprah and Tolle say that you are divine. You’re god.

Yup, that’s sealed it for me. Oprah is the anti-christ of the Book of Revelations.

The You Tube clip I watched that proclaimed that Oprah was starting her own church. It must be true because her webcast with Eckhart Tolle got 20 million hits. Wow. If that’s proof of starting a church, then the Harry Potter Puppets  clip with 53 million hits must be a megachurch.  To say nothing of all the versions of Dramatic Chipmunk (10 million hits on the original 5 second clip alone) and Angry German Kid (8 million hits) that are out there.

I kinda like the idea of the Church of Dramatic Chipmunk…With a look, you experience all that IS.

I can see the service now: A packed cathedral, the DRAMATIC sting, and 5000 people snap about, glaring down the truth over their left shoulder…

First, a disclaimer:








I don’t watch daytime TV. Daytime TV is the worst of the worst. Full stop.

In my castle, the television is not allowed on before 4pm. I am one half of god in my castle, and thus what I say is Divine Law. (Gadgetman is the other half of god).

Thus, I am not an Oprah fan, watcher or admirer in anyway. I think some of the books she promotes are crap, others are good.  I only know they’re recommended by Oprah because they have a sticker on them that says so. An Oprah recommendation doesn’t make me buy a book.

I also have a dim awareness that Oprah’s into New Age fluff (Yes, I’ve been there, done that, too. Sometime, I’ll write about the whacky things I did, saw and heard during that period of my life).

Oprah promoted the Da Vinci Code which had cardboard cut-out characters, lots of plot and no substance. It had half-baked ideas about the role of the Goddess in Christianity, and stuff about Jesus’s family in it which you could have read in much greater detail in Barbara Thering’s books. Given that I did my Honours thesis on the revival of Paganism in Australia, the contents in the Da Vinci Code related to Goddess worship were shallow; the whole book was best viewed as badly-written fiction.

So, I’m no Oprah fan, but I’m no Oprah hater, either. I really don’t care and don’t pay much attention to the woman. It sounds like she’s done some really good things -more good things than bad- and has touched a chord with many.  The truth is, Oprah doesn’t force you to watch her, buy her books, or ascribe to her views in the manner that the fundamentalist hoards seem to bleating.


Why then -why oh why?- do fruitcakes (fundamentalist Christians) see her as the anti-christ? Wouldn’t the Gay Rights Movement, Liberal anything, Global Warming, the Entire World Economic System (intentional capitals) be more likely to be the great anti-christ of the Revelations? If ever there was a candidate for the anti-christ, it’s the world economic system that’s developed over the past thirty years and is now collapsing on its own greed and the disease of deregulation and free market economics gone-too-far.  If you need false prophets preaching light and salvation whilst enslaving billions, look there. Stop getting sidetracked by pretty lights and colours. Go directly to the GOD LEVEL of the REAL GAME.

In spite of such global economic practices gone mad, and their insidious and far-reaching effects on people’s lives, however, we have fruitcakes preaching that Oprah is the anti-christ.

FOR CHRIST’S SAKE, PUT THINGS IN PERSPECTIVE: Oprah a talk show host!  Not a politician, not a preacher or the Governor of the World Bank.

Outside of the US, she’s not that influential.  There are billions of people in the world who’ve never heard of Oprah Winfrey. Can you US-based fundie fruitcakes understand that? There is a world beyond the United States that has NEVER heard of Oprah Winfrey .  In other words, the great, global threat that Oprah poses is all in your ethnocentric mind.

We are all ethnocentric -it is an inevitable part of being a functional human within a given socio-cultural context. The ability to recognise this, step back, and experience life through the eyes of the ‘Other’ for just a moment is one of the greatest gifts that anthropology has to give. Try to understand what is meaningful in the lives of Others, for just a moment. The United States is not the only place or culture in the world.

I’ve met some amazing Christians who go out and do this. They live and work in places like Nepal, the Soloman Islands, Papua New Guinea, etc. They are secure enough in their beliefs to experience the cultures and beliefs of others first hand, without needing to force their religion on anyone else. A few years ago, one of my closest friends went on a Uniting Church study tour to Korea. She went to Buddhist temples and experienced Buddhist teachings. She went to India and saw the diversity of the Great and Little Traditions. She is a strong, balanced and practicing Christian. She would make a great Buddhist or yogi, too.

 AnthroYogini’s lessons for fruitcakes: 

  • 1. the United States does not comprise the entire world
  • 2. be your own anthropologist every now and then
  • 3. you can be a Christian, secure in your beliefs, and walk a mile in someone else’s shoes


Oprah Winfrey is a TV talk show host.  She is not the anti-christ. There is a world beyond the frame of US daytime TV that has no idea about Oprah Winfrey.  Eckhart Tolle is a garden gnome with a great voice, who’s written some books about paying attention to what’s going on right now.  He is not the anti-christ, either. I do not believe in an anti-christ, but I think that the absolute deregulation of certain nations’ economies has become far more of a threat to humanity in the here and now than a fictional anti-christ channelled by a 2000 year old disaffected Jew.

In more important matters, Australia are being thrashed in the cricket by India. About bloody time, too. Those Aussie cricketers (an arrogant mob) needed to come back to reality. You can’t be the best forever.



8 thoughts on “Oprah is the Anti-Christ (This Year)

  1. Commenting on your rules:
    Re: rule 1 – I have a lot of friends in the US. Yogis mostly. Well, actually pretty much all of em actually. And in those ranks are some extremely highly educated people. Masters of this, PhD of that. And yet. Many of them – may – remain ignorant of world news. Its mind boggling.

    Re: rule 2 – yeah, never hurts. There’s also the other kinds of ppl, the ones who go to far away lands and assume ALL of the local customs as their own.

    Re: rule 3 – absolutely. I too have very good friends who are Christians. But they are the sort of Christians that don’t feel compelled to save anyone’s soul. For which I’m grateful, since I technically don’t believe in souls.

    Can’t wait for your post on the fluffy new age stuff. Perhaps I might be encouraged to share my time in that arena as well!

  2. You are so WRONG! Oprah is EVIL! So is that nutjob Ekhart Tollme. They are both going to hell! So are you. Why can’t you dumbshits figure out that if you don’t accept the love of Jesus he will burn you in hell forever!!! what is wrong with you people. This nation was founded on CHRISTIAN principals, not this new age crap. And don’t forget, a vote for that MUSLIM Obama will bring about the Rapture, as no good decent person would want to be here when that terrorist becomes president and my God knows this.
    Love in Jesus,

  3. “There is a world beyond the United States that has NEVER heard of Oprah Winfrey . ”

    have you been around and seen how popular she is everywhere? even in india she was huge, so i can not agree with that statement.

    anyone can start a church. she’s been doing it for many years without necessarily calling it a church, she is treated as a saint only because people are SO desperate for a messiah.

    anti-christ? that would be our government (the US), oprah has power but not that much.


  4. Hi Bindi,

    Whilst I agree she’s popular and well-known, my point is that the fruitcakes have blown her power and influence out of all proportion.

    She might -not sure, you’ll have to inform me on this- be able to influence US politics or popular culture, but here, her influence is much less -sorry to say- than an Australian Rules Football star, and certainly much, much less than our own Prime Minister.

    And – being very cheeky- I dare to say that Sachin Tendulkar has far more influence in India than Oprah Winfrey! If you’ve been to India, you know what the real religion and politics is about … 😉

    I don’t think she’s started a church, perhaps it’s better defined as a populist social movement. She has most certainly begotten a massive business organisation, no argument there. The point about her starting a church was to shoot holes in the claim that 20 million hits on your webcast constitutes the foundation of a church. It’s just ridiculous! But that was what claimed in the You Tube clip that promotes her as an anti-christ.

    Don: Amusing. Thanks for commenting.

  5. Wow, Oprah! Cool psuedonym, Tom Playshow. Fooled me!

    Thanks for dropping by.

    I don’t think you’re the anti-christ, either.

    I know you’re really busy, but do you think I could get a DVD of that webinar you’ve done with Eckhart Tolle so I don’t have to spend hours downloading it on our really slow Telstra ADSL?

    That would be sooo cool. Thanks heaps,


  6. We got more antichrists up here than we know what to do with these days. The number one contender, though, seems to be Obama rather than Oprah….Hmmm, strange that both seem to be black. Oh, what a lovely melange of whacko fundamentalism and racism that’s being projected to the world.

    Then, basically, what’s happening right now is that my country’s hopes of living up to its better ideals are in a face-off with those who live up to the worst stereotypes of American ignorance and bigotry. As, at the moment, it looks like the haters and morons are heading for a big loss, they’re kinda losing it. The result, should they get their shiny white asses handed to them tomorrow, will, I afraid, be that they’re going to get louder and crazier. Then, personally, I can live with that.

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