Amanda Vs Green Fonts and Capitals United

Over the past few days, I’ve been engaged in a battle against MistyLook’s standard appearance, including the snot-green font and the shouting CAPITALS  (capitals, I said, f*&*ing CAPITALS!!). Also, I think sans serif fonts are cleaner and easier on the eye.

Now let’s be clear here, I might be a published writer, I might almost have my PhD, can do 50 pushups on my toes and run 10 km no problemo … but when it comes to CSS, I’m a novice. So it took me two days to make the changes.

The final score: Amanda 2 GFCU 0

(p.s: if anyone can tell me how to change the grey colour of the sidebar boxes in 5 min, I’d be eternally grateful).


3 thoughts on “Amanda Vs Green Fonts and Capitals United

  1. Personally, I’m proud of my snot green font. Then, I’m also an old school word snob–meaning I write only in actual words…yes, you heard correctly: no LOL and certainly no rotflmao, no IMO or :’). For that matter, I don’t do any of that comic strip swearing–#%&^–plain old “shit” and “fuck” work just fine for this English major….

    Admittedly, I do use non-dictionary words like kinda, wanna, and absofuckinglutely, but that’s more like bringing orality into my writing…so it’s waaaaay old school. Hell, I’m thinking about taking my blog off-line and instead reciting it by memory around the nightly campfire….then, given the current economic collapse, that may be reality any day now….

  2. Hey Dr Jay,

    I think you’re talking about GFCU; it’s intended to be a parody of a soccer (football) score as in Amanda 2 (goals) Manchester United 0 (no goals).

    Sorry. I forget that there’s some very subtle cultural differences between US and Aus.

    As for the fuck word. I kinda like the visual play that symbols give. Given that the ‘F’ word is now a noun, verb, adjective and at times, a conjunctive, adding some symbols adds the drama that verbal overusage has taken away.

    At least in my humble opinion… . No ifs, no buts, and no IMHO (which I recall having to ask my daughter, aged 14, what it meant when I encountered it in a chatroom).

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