Anthroyogini here. You know, the other blog was just not working for me. That is to say, it wasn’t really reflecting who I am and where my life is at. So I’ve decided to migrate. To evolve. 

Which requires a whole new start.

Really, my life had moved on and blossomed from where I was when I started the Radical Anthropologist last year. For a start, I think it’s quite safe to not be so shy and secretive as I was previously – which is why there’s a clear link to desert mandala, the blog about my life in Central Australia. The reason was I was secretive was a nasty blow up on Savage Minds amongst some commentators on the NT intervention. Several of who I know very well, and happen to agree with.

What I want to do with this blog is provide an outlet for my Ph.D struggles and yoga life. Anyone who’s ABD will understand what I mean. And yogis and yoginis seem to love blogging, so why shouldn’t I?

Which does bring me to my current story.

I promised myself that when I finished my thesis, I would enroll in a yoga teachers’ training as a reward. I have been wanting to do this for 4 years. Also, I am being called in as a locum yoga teacher regularly, so I need to upgrade from Certified to Registered Yoga Teacher status. 

Well, of course, I’m an impatient little bugger and couldn’t wait…

So I enrolled in a course at Cairns Yoga Academy starting in September. Right now, it’s mid-August and I’m only just halfway through Chapter 7 and still unhappy with Chapter 6 of the thesis. In fact, I HATE Chapter 6!!

Fate stepped in. I’d changed jobs back in March (if you read Desert Mandala, you’ll know how this happened) and I was unable to secure a full month of leave without compromising my employer. They were willing to give me the leave, but told me that an additional month’s leave per annum wasn’t something they wanted to encourage others to purchase.

Also, by the time I recieved this news, it was economically impossible for me to purchase the leave in time for September. Unfortunately, I knew that my month in Cairns wasn’t meant to be…

And then an amazing synchronicity happened.

The very same day that I recieved the news from my CEO about the leave, I recieved an email from Byron Bay Yoga about their intensive Yoga Teacher Training in November-December. So I enrolled, paid my deposit and well…

I’ve got three and a half months to finish the thesis. That’s redrafting the mindnumbingly boring Chapter 6, finishing Chapters 7, 8 and 9 (the Conclusion) and then going back and fixing up Chapter 4, the half-written methodology chapter.

This has taken 9 years to get here (although, there were 2 and a hald years where I took a leave of absence, and after my third year, I went part-time). Also, as anthropology Ph.D, I’ve done 3 years of fieldwork. That’s right: three years.

Anyway, I thought that if I blogged about my woes and my unfolding and joyful yoga journey, it might help me finish the thesis in time for November 24.

Am I mad?


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